Being the devoted Audi brand fan that I am, I’m not sure how I missed this incredible campaign between Audi & Airbnb. They essentially combined the brands, using the oh-so beautiful Audi R8 to create an experience to rival the best of them. For those who haven’t seen the listing, check it out here or check out the video here – the video is worth it.

Instead of just creating advertising or a ‘commercial’ they created an experience. Not only does this speak directly to the new generation of buyers – experiences vs. things – it pushes the traditional distribution model past redline. The current advertising environment is overwhelming, consumers are under a constant barrage of marketing messages which is now just ‘noise’. 

Campaigns like Audi & Airbnb are showing us what it means to create great content – authentic and memorable. Personally, I believe we’re in the early stages of a necessary shift in advertising. The bar is higher, and brands must begin to think outside the box. Great content should evoke emotions, excite, and engage the audience. I tip my hat to the creatives that designed and executed this campaign – we need more content like this.