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Matt Stormoen, founder, oversees the agency’s direction and is the lead strategic resource that drives the success of clients’ digital campaigns. With over 15 years of online experience, Matt has cultivated a system of creative thinking, analytics, and technical expertise that have proven to deliver the right message at the right time, on the right digital platform.

Matt’s digital career began in 1999, at a small creative agency. Online business was becoming the fastest-growing segment of virtually every industry and recognizing this, Matt was hired by PeopleSupport, an emerging leader in “web-based” customer support. At PeopleSupport, Matt was responsible for building the first major Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) operation in the Philippines. Over the course of 18 months, over 400 new employees were hired and trained to understand the unique behavior of online customers. PeopleSupport went on to employ over 9,000 workers in the Philippines, became a public company in 2004, and was acquired by Aegis for $250M in 2008.

After building out PeopleSupport’s Manila location, Matt brought his online expertise to INQ (Now TouchCommerce), where he led a 400% growth in sales volume for the online upsell company. In the first three months under Matt’s direction, operations grew from 10 to 75 employees. His tenure at INQ continued to advance his understanding of online customer behavior and the digital marketing techniques that improve customer conversion and retention.

Having developed a broad spectrum of knowledge, including search & online customer behavior, Matt joined ReachLocal (ticker: RLOC) in 2007 to utilize his digital marketing expertise to develop and execute search marketing campaigns. Responsible for managing $3.2M/Month in spend across 2000+ campaigns for Reach Local’s largest verticals, Matt created campaign roadmaps, optimization strategies, and geo-targeting parameters. During this time he developed an automated system that optimized key metrics – CPC, Cost Per Lead, Utilization, and Retention based on customer intent.

Matt founded PureFocus in 2009 to bring together a decade of technical expertise, marketing knowledge, and analytic proficiency. His deep understanding of online customer behavior and extensive digital marketing skill set have since helped brands like Intel, Heroku, TrueCar, and many more maximize the value of their digital marketing dollars.

As the online market continued to evolve, Matt and his team developed a cloud-based Marketing Platform – based on A.I. – designed to improve customer acquisition and retention. The Marketing Platform ushers in a new way of thinking for brand marketing. Through optimization, content management, and Generative AI, the Marketing Platform enables seamless marketing strategies that increase awareness, expand reach, and improve customer engagement. With results that are immediately measurable, provide actionable insight, and continuously.

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