You’ve put out your name, you’ve shown your product, people know about your brand; what comes next? Taking a brand to the next level usually means making sure your customers keep coming back to the point where they spread the gospel of your product for you. After all, there is no marketing tool more powerful than word-of-mouth testimony. But how do you make loyal converts out of repeat buyers?

Make your Values Transparent

People respond better to a brand that is clear and consistent with their representation. Being clear with your company values sends the right message to the appropriate channels. Dove’s beauty campaign, for example, expresses their belief that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and ages. In this case, being a brand synonymous to acceptance and celebration of all women makes it easy for customers to identify with their message.

Content Still Matters

By this time, everyone knows that content is still king when it comes to marketing. But consider this: is what you’re saying connecting you to your audience? Does it match your public’s interests and needs? When you plan for your campaign’s content, the focus should not just be on what your brand is about; you should also tilt the focus on how your brand can fit into and improve their lives. Your choice of voice, tone, and delivery of the content should also match your demographics’ style and culture.

Old School Marketing Moves

Whatever the current marketing trend, some areas in marketing don’t change– correct pricing and positioning factor in/are still factors when people make the decision to support brand X instead of brand Y. A customer may opt out of upgrading a service if the perceive upgrades as expensive. A customer may shirk away from purchasing a product with a questionable name (can you imagine buying Cocaine Energy Drink?). Language and context are significant aspects of whether or not your brand becomes the first choice in the market.

When strategizing on how to stand out on the search pages, explicitly saying you’re the best doesn’t account for anything of value to both SERPs and marketing. It only matters that you stay honest with your audience and communicate your brand message in a relatable way. Consider their customer journey. You are providing the experience– make it a good one.