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Increase Brand Authority through Amazing SERPs

How can you increase click through rates (CTRs) for organic search results without having to rank first? The answer lies in two words: rich snippets.

Rich snippets came into play when Google decided to make it easier for users to understand what a page is about even before clicking on it in the search results. With a short and concise summary of what a user can expect to see on the webpage, websites become more visible, more attractive to click on. Rich snippets, which does not affect ranking in any way, can increase website traffic dramatically thereby giving lower ranking sites a chance to compete with higher ranking sites on the SERPs.

Search engine optimization (SEO) remains a major player in improving site ranking and driving quality traffic. However, the underutilized advantage of rich snippets offers an improved appearance of your listing resulting to an increased CTR, reduced bounce rate, and increased time on site. Large businesses such as YouTube, Microsoft, and Amazon has Wikipedia, which places first in many keyword rankings, as the information source from which their rich snippet data is pulled from. Brands can use enhanced SERPs to their advantage in order to guide searchers in their decision making before they click on a competitor site’s listing. 

Using Rich Snippets to Your Advantage

Rich snippets add variety, color, and distinction on Google search results, which also makes it an excellent way of establishing brand authority. Depending on the type of content featured, websites can display sitelinks (internal pages of the primary listing’s website), author’s Google+ profile, review star ratings (for movie and product reviews), images, or video stills.

For eager brands seeking to take advantage of rich snippets, here is a quick overview of how to get started.

1. Choose a markup format: microdata, microformats, or RDFA.

2. Mark up your content accordingly (reviews, products, people, music, etc.). Markup should be relevant, up-to-date, original, and describe or summarize the page’s content as it actually is.

3. Test the content using the structured data tool if it renders a rich snippet for the web pages or not.

Start Optimizing Your SERPs

Rich snippets may not directly affect your site’s rankings but it certainly adds value to your site as it comes up on Google results. With meta tags out of the picture, the structured markup of rich snippets supplies search engines with information about your website. It differentiates your site from other listings with the expectation of higher CTRs and increased number of qualified visitors once it appears in search results. All these benefits make rich snippets a worthwhile area for marketers to pay more attention to.