Display ads have been dying for a long time. Click rates have plummeted. Browsers support ad-blocking.

With iOS9, Apple made it possible for app developers to block certain kinds of advertisements. Developers created apps within the first few days of iOS9’s launch that blocked everything from pop-up ads and display ads to sponsored content. Digital marketers now have to think differently about mobile and where they focus time, energy and budget.

Truthfully, apps are better for user experience and better for companies when it comes to tracking and personalizing the customer journey. With Apple essentially ripping out the revenue rug from mobile analytics companies, publishers and advertising agencies, there’s really nowhere for companies to go but to apps.

Consumers, per Tech Crunch, spend 75% of their time on mobile within apps.

Apps are in; display ads are out. Marketing budgets need to be recalibrated accordingly. This is an opportunity for marketers to take a step back and think about all of the channels at their disposal – and strategically allocate resources to the ones becoming more popular on mobile.

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